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Distance Past Life Regression Therapy

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Past Life Regression Therapy.

Healing the future by visiting the past.

This is a 60 minute appointment. During this time you will be put at your ease before the session begins across Zoom

I will shamanic journey on your behalf, to find out about your past lives, that may be causing trauma within this life time. During these journeys, healing can be sent to the past to heal the present day issues. It can also tell you what you were within your own past life, what happened to you during that life time etc.

Experiences in either childhood or previous lives may have an effect on your present lifetime. Returning to past events either in this lifetime or beyond may enable you to receive the healing required to remove any fears or insecurities caused by such events.

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Why should you have past life therapy?

  • Dealing with issues from the past can help you move on in this lifetime
  • Maybe you are just curious and want to enjoy the experience of exploring the past or look what the future has in store for you
  • Maybe you have met someone and you feel that you may have known them before
  • Maybe you have unexplained fears and phobias that may be a direct result of the trauma you faced in a previous life

How your appointment works

  • Book your appointment for a day and time that suits you.
  • You will be given a zoom link to join a meeting at your appointment time.
  • Choose a time when you will not be disturbed or interrupted and ensure your phone is switched to ‘do not disturb’ or on silent during your therapy.
  • You will need to be at home or somewhere where you can relax for the duration of your scheduled appointment time.
  • At the start of your appointment, we will talk about why you want the past life regression.
  • At the end of your therapy, I will discuss the findings with you and you will have a chance to ask questions if you wish.

How do I book?

Please check my appointments diary here https://calendly.com/gaynormentiply/past-life-journey or give me a call / WhatsApp me on 07561 414524 to book your appointment.