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Crystal Gift Set for Cancer Support

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12 Crystal healing tumble stones specifically chosen to combat the effects that a destructive disease such as cancer has on the body and promotes self-healing on all levels. The set comprises of 12 tumble stones in a pouch. Stones can be taken out of the pouch and placed into the top pocket of your suit or are small enough to go into your pockets.

The set comes complete in a keepsake pouch within a cellophane packet which also includes a leaflet indicating how to use and care for your crystals.

  • AVENTURINE : Reduces nausea and cools internal burning
  • FLUORITE : Combats dizziness, confusion, runny nose and boosts the immune system
  • CARNELIAN : Lifts depression, removes fear, energy boost, apathy and tiredness.
  • AMETHYST : Removes stress, reduces anger, lifts despondency and calms anxiety
  • CITRINE: Reduces diarrhoea and stomach cramps
  • SMOKEY QUARTZ : Relieves pain, reduces abdominal cramps
  • BLACK TOURMALINE : Removes negative thought patterns, relieves pain
  • MOOKITE : Relieves emotional rollercoaster, encourages belief systems
  • GOLDSTONE : Promotes positive thinking and encourages calm
  • CLEAR QUARTZ: Promotes healing on all levels
  • BRECCIATED JASPER: Promotes self-healing
  • ROSE QUARTZ : Diffuses swelling, reduces bruising, encourages self love

Carry your crystals around with you, toss them into your bath water, make crystal water by placing them around a bottle of spring water for 12 hours or overnight, then drink the water throughout the next day. You may prefer to place them under your pillow at night, either works well.

Caring for your crystals:

Cleanse your crystals approx. once a month under running water, visualizing all the negativity being washed away. Place them on a windowsill to dry and re-energise.

Disclaimer: Crystal Healing: There is no official scientific research to suggest that crystals or any other form of complementary therapy actually works. When making purchases based on the recommendations you find from Spirit Walker Crystals, no guarantee can be given to successful results following the use of any crystals purchased. Any claims that we make as to the healing properties of crystals are only suggestions drawn from various crystal publications (crystal books) and our own personal experience. Any recommendations are not scientifically proven and they should not replace any licensed medical or psychological treatments. This website is not recommended as a means of diagnosing or treating any illness. All matters concerning physical and mental health should be supervised by a healthcare practitioner qualified in treating that particular ailment or condition. Any reference to the crystal's magical or healing properties found on this website or any literature that accompanies our products is merely an interpretation of how they could possibly work.

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