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Chronic Fatigue Support Crystal Bracelet, Made to Size.

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Introducing our unique Bespoke Crystal Healing Butterfly Charm Bracelet designed specifically for those struggling with Chronic Fatigue. Handcrafted with care in our UK based Crystal Shop, this bracelet features a beautiful Butterfly Charm that has been Reiki Blessed to enhance its healing properties.

We understand the challenges that come with chronic fatigue, which is why we have carefully selected crystals known for their energy boosting and rejuvenating properties to create this special bracelet.

The bracelet is custom-made to fit you perfectly, simply provide us with your wrist measurement during checkout. Packaged in a lovely organza bag, this bracelet also comes with a card detailing the crystals used and the significance of the charming Butterfly charm.

The crystals included in this bracelet are Opalite and Lapis Lazuli, both known for their ability to promote energy flow and help combat fatigue. Bring a touch of healing energy into your life with our Bespoke Crystal Healing Butterfly Charm Bracelet, a unique and thoughtful way to support yourself through the challenges of chronic fatigue.

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