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Bereavement Support Crystal Bracelet, Made to Size.

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Our bespoke Crystal Remedy Charm Bracelet for Bereavement Support is carefully designed to provide you with comforting healing energies during times of loss and grief. Whether you are mourning the passing of a loved one, a friend, or a beloved pet, this bracelet is here to help support you through the difficult process of bereavement.

Each bracelet is custom-made to fit your wrist perfectly, ensuring maximum comfort and effectiveness. Simply provide us with your wrist measurement during the checkout process, or let us know if you prefer the standard size of 19cms.

The bracelet comes beautifully packaged in an organza bag, complete with a card detailing the crystals used in the design and the charming charm that adorns it.

The crystals featured in this bracelet are carefully chosen for their healing properties and emotional support. Black Obsidian offers protection and grounding energy, while Rose Quartz promotes feelings of love and comfort. Dalmatian Jasper aids in bringing balance and strength during times of stress and sadness.

To ensure the continued effectiveness of your crystals, we recommend cleansing them approximately once a month under running water. Visualize any negativity being washed away as you cleanse them, then leave them to dry and re-energize on a windowsill. With proper care and intention, your Crystal Remedy Charm Bracelet for Bereavement Support will continue to provide you with the healing and support you need during your mourning process.

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