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10 Week Online Course on Living Mindfully with Meditation

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Online Living Mindfully with Meditation Course. The course comprises of 10 modules which are released at weekly intervals, you can then do these at your own pace, fast or slow.

You can take as long as you wish to complete this course, there is no pressure on you to complete the modules in a set time.

This course is for everyone. Meditation can help you achieve your goals in life and helps you to live in the present moment and connect better with the people you love and are close to in your life. It can help you to stay calm in times of stress.

Once you have made your purchase, we will then register you manually and send you your log in details. This is normally done within 1 working day Monday - Friday. It can take longer than this during the weekends and holiday periods.

If you wish to start your course immediately, you can register and purchase the course directly from our learning website by clicking this link.

You will receive an electronic certificate at the end of the course. A signed, printed version with a gold seal will be available at an extra cost which can then be posted to you.

This course is accredited by the IPHM

Living Mindfully with Meditation Course - Online Course Schedule

Module One


What is mindfulness

Helpful tips on Mindfulness

Mindful Breathing

Breathing meditation

Module Two

Creating a touchpoint

Key Concepts of Mindfulness

Mindful Stem Sentences 1

Pause and Reflection

Guided Meditation

Module Three

Mindful Stem Sentences 2

Silent Walking

Natural Observation

Mindful Observation

Body Scan Meditation

Module Four

Informal ‘V’Formal Mindfulness

Mindful Stem Sentences 3

Mindful Brushing

Mindful Appreciation

Chocolate Meditation

Module Five

Mindful Intentions

Daily Intention Cards

Five Senses

Good Posture Exercise

Mindful Breath Meditation

Module Six

Art Mindfulness

Mindful Immersion Walk

Mindful Journaling

Candle Staring Exercise

Loving Kindness Meditation

Module Seven

Mindful Love Note

Mindful Movie Exercise

Secret Virtue Exercise


Dropping the Suitcase Meditation

Module Eight

Cause and Effect

Experiencing Nature Mindfully

Mantras and Positive Affirmations

Mindful Waiting

Candle Gazing Meditation

Module Nine

Urge Surfing

Gratitude Stone

Changing the Language you use

Noticing the little things

Mindful Melting Meditation

Module Ten

Colour your world

Feeling your feet

When one door closes

Movement Meditation

Creating a safe space for pain release

This course has been fully accredited by the IPHM

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