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  • 07561 414 524

Our mission

We love crystals and essential oils and feel that both can not only enhance our living surroundings but can also have a positive effect on our overall health and our day to day lives.

We are committed to teaching everything we know in regards to crystals and essential oils. We also teach all things spiritual such as Reiki, Psychic Development, Tarot, Pendulum Dowsing and much more.

We are active on Facebook and like to connect with our customers, many of them who become to feel like friends.

Our values

We supply only the best quality crystals and essential oils. We connect on a personal level with our suppliers to ensure we know exactly where our goods have come from. All our crystals have been ethically sourced.

  • People: We care about our customers and we try to provide a top class service on a friendly level.
  • Passion: We are passionate about what we do and want to help others understand the healing qualities of both the crystals and essential oils.
  • Sustainability: We have been trading since 2005, we have definately had both our highs and lows but it is our belief in what we do that keeps us going both now and into the future.

Our products

We always select our products with great care. There is nothing we like more than a trip to the wholesalers so that we can have a coffee or three whilst sifting through all their lovely crystals for that special little something. We choose only those that we would like to have for ourselves so that we can enjoy their company whilst in our care. The essential oils we stock are top quality 100% CPTG oils from doTERRA. These are oils that we use ourselves on a daily basis to improve and enhance our own immune systems.

Our customers and Students

Our customers love our wonderful, hand-picked products and caring friendlyservice. We have had many students pass through over the years both on face to face workshops and online. Online courses have become very popular and we now have a range of courses which reflect what we are about. The majority of online courses are weekly released to ensure optimum learning. Many of our students become very familier to us and feel like part of our extended famliy. We also have an active support group on facebook.