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Vibrational Chakra Balancing


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  • Do you feel out of balance?
  • Do you feel frazzled?
  • Do you feel like things are not going your way?
  • Do you feel a bit all over the place?
  • Are you feeling stuck in life?
  • Do you feel sluggish during the day?
  • Are you feel your body or mind is under stress?
  • Do you feel that you are not good enough?
  • Do you experience pain or stiffness in your legs or feet?
  • Do you feel ungrounded?
  • Does your home life feel chaotic?
  • Do you feel unsettled?

All these are signs that your chakra system is out of balance.

The term Chakra comes from the Sanskrit word meaning wheel or to spin which is what our chakras should be doing when they are in balance, open and aligned. We have 7 major chakras that run down the center of our body. Each chakra corresponds to bundles of nerves, major organs and particular areas of our metaphysical or energetic body that in turn have an emotional or physical effect on our overall wellbeing.

I use a pendulum to first establish which of your chakra’s are unbalanced. I then place crystals on each of the chakras and vibrate the energy of the stones down into the chakra by using weighted tuning forks. These cause a rippling effect which in turn takes the energy of the crystal out into the area of the chakra and down into the body.

At the end of the session, you will be given a small gift to go home with to help continue your treatment. This could be a crystal or an essential oil blend to use.

The appointment would last approx 30mins.

The session is great to be experience as a one to one but can also be done as a distance therapy via zoom when you will be talked through how each of your chakra’s is behaving and given recommendations on what to do to keep your chakra’s in optimum health. If having a distance therapy, your gift will be sent out to you by post.

To book, text or ring me on 07561 414524

Gaye x

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