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Ulcerative Colitis Support Crystals ~ 12 Crystal Healing Stones ❤️


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12 Crystal healing tumble stones specifically chosen to aid with the symptoms of Ulcerative Colitis. The set comprises of 12 tumble stones in an organza pouch. Stones can be taken out of pouch and placed into the top pocket of your suit or are small enough to go into your pockets.

The set comes complete in an organza pouch wihin in a cellophane packet.

NB: The colour of the pouch and or the crystals may vary from that shown in the picture.

* YELLOW JASPER : Helps with the symptoms of diarrhoea
* FLUORITE : Helps repair ulcers
* HEMATITE : Helps settle stomach cramps
* SMOKEY QUARTZ : Absorbs pain and reduces negativity
* MOSS AGATE : Soothes the gut and helps heal ulcers
* RHODONITE : Reduces inflammation
* MOOKITE : Helps lift depression, balances emotions, calming
* CITRINE : Improves digestion and helps heal the colon
* TOURMALINE QUARTZ : Removes fear and helps to heal ulcers
* CLEAR QUARTZ : Calms, soothes and promotes healing on all levels
* PEACH AGATE : Helps heal ulcers, removes anxiety, purifies the gut
* NEW JADE: Promotes optimism and hope, good for fighting infections

When we cannot get hold of a certain crystal we may substitute it for another of similar properties. Please check your invoice for stones included in your set.

Carry your crystals around with you, toss them into your bath water, make crystal water by soaking in spring water for 12 hours. At night either place under your pillow or on the bedside table to allow their magical properties to surround you at all times. You may wish to purchase a second set and place in either a small bowl or a pair of cupped hands within the relationship corner of either your living room or bedroom. This set also comes with a diagram and instructions of how to use this set as a layout for Ulcerative Colitis

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