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Turquinette Sphere Dowsing Pendulum Named Jean


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Jean is a lovely Sphere Turquinette dowsing pendulum which measures approx 35mm and comes on a chain of with a bead at the end.

Metaphysical Healing Properties and Magical Meanings of Turquinette

Blue Howlite or Turquinette is frequently called the stone of friendship due to it’s ability to attract new friends and maintain older friendships. It is a good choice for meditation due to it’s calming influence. It is said to help one achieve one's goals promoting optimism for the future and helps you to develop a positive attitude to life. Achievement is helped along by the stone’s ability to infuse you with determination. It can also release stress and anxiety from the aura allowing us to lower our inner turmoil. Due to it’s connection to the throat chakra it encourages free speech. Place under your pillow to encourage pleasant dreams.

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