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The Essential Home Mini Stabilizer Pack 'MINI HARMONY HANDS'


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Our homes are our sacred space where we can shut out the rest of the world and just be ourselves. It's a place which we need feel safe as well as being able to experience tranquillity and relaxation. But all too frequently we allow outside energies and disturbances to enter our sacred space and disrupt the energy flow. This can lead to arguments and dis-harmony within your home or sacred space. This is a Mini set which is designed to stabilize your home and protect it from further disruption.

The set includes a Mini Natural Clear Quartz Cluster which is, 'The Master Healer' of all the crystals, and will therefore protect your home or your sacred space. It will allow clear thinking when needed and promote healing as required. Place this together with the Rough Mini Amethyst Druze which will help create a harmonious atmosphere throughout your whole home. Keep together at all times with the Rose Quartz Tumblestone to promote a loving environment. We have also added a Citrine tumblestone to encourage financial wealth and stability, all four crystals can be placed anywhere within the home, but should be kept together at all times.

Approx Sizes: Amethyst Druze 65mm x 30mm, Citrine tumblestone 20mm, Rose Quartz tumblestone 20mm, Clear Quartz Cluster / Points 40mm x 40mm. Place the Rose Quartz and Citrine tumbles within the palm of the ceramic hands. This is the set that no home should be without! Place in your money corner to increase financial wealth and in the relationship corner to increase fertility.

NB: The set you receive may differ slightly from the picture. You will however receive four crystals of approx sizes as indicated.

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