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Startsone Spiral Dowsing Pendulum Named Alvia

Startsone Spiral Dowsing Pendulum Named Alvia


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Alvia is a lovely Starstone Pendulum with a Spiral.

Metaphysical Healing Properties and Magical Meanings of Starstone.

Starstone resembles a starry night and is believed to promote optimism and personal growth and is sometimes thought of as The Stone of Ambition. It is thought to teach us to believe in our dreams and to enable us to all simply reach for the stars, Perceive, Believe and Receive. Starstone is considered to open us up to new opportunities making it good for anyone in business. It is a stone recommended for communication, drive and ambition. It is said to be good for gaining perspective, increasing energy levels and for clearing the throat chakra. It is a good stone for those that need to have a calming influence around them and helps us to set and achieve our goals

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