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Shamanic Soul Retrieval - Two-hour Appointment


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Two-hour appointment for Shamanic Soul Retrieval - Completing the Jigsaw, midwifing the soul.

Two-hour appointment for Shamanic Soul Retrieval - Midwifing the soul and Completing the Jigsaw.

Why have a Shamanic Soul Retrieval?

Can you relate to any of the statements listed below

· You may have an inability to let go of old issues

· Recurrent problems that don’t appear to be helped by conventional methods.

· Feeling invaded, fragmented, empty or disconnected.

· Feelings of unworthiness or lacking in self-belief.

· Not feeling complete or feeling unhappy

· Feeling drained or unable to commit to love

Loss or our Personal Power

Think of our bodies as a jigsaw puzzle. At times of trauma, either emotional or physical, our souls’ parts (pieces of the jigsaw) can become fragmented. Examples of the sorts of trauma that can lead to soul loss are; severe shock caused by accidents, surgery, redundancy, rape, assault, bereavement or something mysterious that you cannot really explain. This is due to that particular part of our soul believing it is in danger and so it leaves us in search of a place of safety. This can leave us feeling incomplete, empty, disjointed and unworthy. This, in turn, leaves space for us to collect other people’s energy which does not belong to us. This puts our own bodies completely out of balance leading to feelings of low mood, no self-belief and lacking in vitality.

Midwifing the soul

During a soul retrieval, the Shamanic Practitioner will first remove any energy that is lurking around that does not belong to you, then seek out your missing soul parts or the missing parts of your jigsaw. Once retrieved, your soul parts that became disconnected are blended back together, restoring your own power and vitality. The energies within and around your body are then re-aligned and brought into perfect balance using crystals. This allows you to go off and lead a rich and integrated life. The soul parts are often kept safe by Spirit Guides, our spirit family or spirit animals.

What happens during the session?

· You will be made to feel welcome and asked to fill in a general information sheet which asks a little about your medical history etc.

· You will be asked what has brought you to have a therapy today - if it is too painful to talk about it, you do not have to divulge this sort of information as it is not essential for the soul retrieval to take place.

· You will be talked through the whole process before being made comfortable on a therapy couch with soft music playing and soft lighting. You need do nothing more. Following the therapy, there will be time for you to talk about your experience and ask any outstanding questions.

This is also available as a distance therapy.

If you would like to know more about Distance therapies or to book an appointment, please ring or text Gaye on 07561 414524. Available appointments are listed below.