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Rhodonite Crystal Ball 45mm Named Ethan



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Rhodonite Crystal Ball Named Ethan which is approx 40mm and comes with a free stand to sit him on.

Metaphysical Healing and Magical Properties of Rhodonite

Rhodonite is known as 'The First Aider'. It is good for emotional and physical shock. It helps us Detox both our physical and Auric Energy field. Rhodonite helps us to be more organised and help us to change our focus on things that needs doing in order to help us move forward through some difficult situations and times in our lives. Rhodonite is a stone for Relationships and reminding us to not just send out Love to the world and others, but also remember to Love ourselves. It is a lovely pink calming stone and resonates to the heart chakra. It helps us to pay closer attention to detail making it a good stone for study.

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