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Reiki Level Two Wokshop 121 or Small Groups


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Reiki Level Two Workshop. Take your Reiki training up to Professional level, gain insurance to offer it to the general public.

Reiki Level Two Workshop: 

Requirements for Reiki Level Two: Reiki Two is suitable for anyone wishing to expand their knowledge of Reiki who has already been attuned to Reiki Level One.

This is done as a one to one workshop or as a small group on a date to suit you. 20% reduction on individual price for small groups. We have a group course on 2nd March at £120 each if you want to join us.

Children must be over the age of 12 years. This level will allow you to work professionally as a Reiki therapist. Once you have completed your assignments and received your certificate, you will then be able to obtain public liability insurance, enabling you to work with the general public

Learning Objectives

  • Level two symbols
  • How to use the symbols
  • Basic First Aid
  • History Taking
  • Distance Healing
  • Benefits of meditation 
  • Setting up in practice
  • Healing Diary
  • Keeping a Reiki Journal
  • Ongoing support
  • Reiki Shares