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Reiki Level Two Slideshow Presentation


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This Reiki Level Two Course Presentation.

This is the same Slideshow Presentation that we use when teaching our own students, however, all reference to Spirit Walker has been removed. It is intended to be taught over an intensive one day workshop from 10am - 5pm. Slides are included to allow you time for two comfort breaks and lunch. We don't allow more than about 20 - 30 mins for lunch which will allow us to finish on time, however, you need to be prepared to run over your time frame if you run large classes or have very chatty students.


Presentation Covers

*  Revision of Reiki Level One

*  Revision of Energy

*  Revision of The Aura and Chakra System

*  Revision of Grounding and Protection

*  The Five Principles of Reik

*  About Reiki II

*  The Power Symbol

*  The Mental / Emotional Symbol

*  The Distance Symbol.

*  Distant Healing

*  Group Healing

*  Healing with Crystals

*  Colour Therapy

*  Kanji Hand Positions

*  Chakra Balancing

*  Working with Reiki

*  Scanning

*  Giving Reiki Treatments & Checklist

*  Namaste

*  Becoming a Reiki Practitioner & Data Protection

*  Considerations when setting up a practice

Your presentation will be emailed to you to enable you to download it to your computer. The presentation comes as a slideshow video as a .mp4 file. You can then pause the video at any stage to enable you to talk about the current slide.

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