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Online 15 Week Crystal Healing Course

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Online 15 week Crystal Healing Course. The course comprises of 15 modules which are released weekly.

You can take as long as you wish to complete this course, there is no pressure on you to complete the modules at a set time

Once you purchase this course, we will then register you manually and send you your log in details. This is normally done within 1 working day Monday - Friday. It can take longer than this during the weekends and holiday periods.

If you wish to start your course immediately, you can register and purchase the course direct from our learning website by clicking this link.

You will receive an electronic certificate at the end of the course. A signed, printed version with a gold seal will be available at an extra cost which can then be posted to you.

This course is accredited by the IPHM

Crystal Healing Course - Online Course Schedule

Module One:

Crystal healing how it works

The history of crystal healing and the myths attached to them

Module Two:


Introduction to the Aura and 7 Major chakras

Module Three

Crystal Formation

Types of Crystals

Crystal Systems

Module Four

Choosing your crystals

Mohs Scale of Hardness

How to use a pendulum

How to store your crystals

Module Five

How to cleanse your crystals

How to energize and program your crystals

Module Six

Meditation Techniques

Meditating on your crystals

Crystal Divas

Module Seven

Grounding and protection

Crystal Grids

Module Eight

Common Crystals

Finding your sending and receiving hand

Crystal Wands

Module Nine

How to see the human aura

How to feel the human aura

Record Keeping

Module Ten

How to do a crystal healing

Distance or remote crystal healing

Module Eleven

Removing Negative Energy from the aura

Creating Star of David Grid

Module Twelve

Crystal Elixirs

Module Thirteen

Creating a sacred space

Preparing your room for a therapy

Module Fourteen

Healing Crisis

Toxic Crystals

Module Fifteen

The essential toolkit

Creating a crystal first aid kit

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