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Ocean Blue Cut Base Agate Geode Named Bruce


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Bruce is a lovely blue cut base agate geode which measures approx 60 x 40mm and would bring good luck and harmony into any space.

Metaphysical Healing and Magical Properties of Agate

Agate brings good luck and financiala wealth. It is a good choice of stone for digestive issues and stomach upsets. It is also a good choice for combating stress and anxiety in the metaphysical aura due to it's calming influence. It can also help you get a good nights sleep if placed under your pillow at night, keeping the bad dreams away. It is also a good choice for abundance and creating fertility around you. Agates are related to almost any of the chakras and brings harmony and good luck into the home as well as bringing a sense of fun to any situation, making them a good choice as a gift idea. Agates are also good for electromagnetic smog

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