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Natural Celestial or Candle Quartz Phantom Twin Flame Named Brenda


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Brenda is a lovely natural Celestial or Candle Quartz Phantom, Twin Flame specimen which measures approx 60mm. It is also a manifesting crystal to help you achieve your wishes. 

Candle Quartz brings peace and tranquillity and would make this an excellent choice to place in any room but particularly where someone is in need of healing.

Metaphysical Healing Properties and Magical Meanings of Candle Quartz.

Candle Quartz is linked to the Soul Star Chakra and is known to raise spiritual energy. It is felt to bring light into the room and elevates fear of the dark. A good choice to raise the mood when feeling a little low. Good choice for night driving. Use during healings to help cut auric cords. Candle Quartz is a good choice for mediation when you want to connect to the spiritual realms. It is a highly cooling and calming crystal which is felt to work well on balancing metabolism.

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