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Learn the Tarot Workshop 121 or Small Groups


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Learn the Tarot One Day Course. Whether you want to learn to read for yourself or for others, this course will suit all.

Learn the Tarot One Day Course. Whether you want to learn to read for yourself or for others, this course will suit all from the complete beginner to those wanting to refresh their skills

This is done as a one to one workshop or as a small group on a date to suit you. 20% reduction on individual price for small groups

If you have tried to learn to read the Tarot cards from books and failed or have tried to learn yourself and don't feel you are getting anywhere, then this course could be the one for you.

This is an intensive one-day Tarot course which teaches you to use your intuition when reading the Tarot cards.

You will learn the basic meanings of the cards and learn how to read them by using your own intuition. You will learn how to begin linking the cards together to do a reading and how to develop this into a full spread. You will not only be guided on how to read the tarot cards but also to begin using your other senses incorporating them easily into your readings. Once you have mastered the technique of reading the Tarot cards intuitively, you will be able to read almost any set of Tarot and oracle cards.

Gaye does not use any books, handouts, notes or presentations during this workshop. There is no right or wrong way of interpreting the cards and Gaye is happy to teach you with your own deck of Tarot cards or you may choose one of the many Gaye has for sale on the Spirit Walker website. You may want to browse the different sets to get a feel of a set that will blend with you. You will be a PDF course info following the course, but you will be encouraged NOT to refer to it after the course.

By the end of the day's workshop, you should be able to do a reading comfortably with a renewed confidence in your own psychic and intuitive capabilities.


This course is also run as an online digital workshop. You can view and book this course by clicking the image below




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