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Learn Tarot Spreads Workshop 121 or Small Groups


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Learn Tarot Spreads One Day Course. This course carries on from the Tarot Spreads Course.

Tarot Spreads Workshop:

This workshop is intended to advance your knowledge of the Tarot and gain experience in how to link the cards together to create a spread.

This is done as a one to one workshop or as a small group on a date to suit you. 20% reduction on individual price for small groups. We have a group course on 13th April 2019 if you would like to join us at £80

The workshop is suitable for anyone with a basic knowledge of the Tarot but is experiencing difficulty linking them together to do a complete reading. It is also suitable for those who are just lacking in self-belief or confidence or for those just needing a refresher course. It follows on from the Intuitive Tarot Workshop and allows you to gain more confidence in your own ability to read the Tarot Cards. It is not essential for you to attend the Intuitive Tarot Workshop first provided you have a basic knowledge of the cards either from another tutor or from self-instruction.

You will also receive guidance on how to expand your readings by introducing psychic messages, mediumship skills and angel card readings.

Learning Objectives

  • To be able to link the cards together
  • to see different situations within the spreads
  • To enhance your knowledge of the Tarot
  • To build your confidence
  • to enable you to offer readings to friends, family or professional clients.
  • To refresh your memory and build upon what you previously knew.
  • To expand your reading skills by linking your knowledge of the tarot to your other senses.
  • To promote your mediumship skills
  • To incorporate other oracle cards such as angel cards
  • Advice on how to put together a reading that will last up to an hour.

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