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Large Specialist Lemurian Crystal Grid with Record Keepers Named Diviney


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Diveney is a Large Specialist Lemurian Crystal Grid. which has been Reiki Cleansed and Blessed. All points are lemurian.

1) Natural Self Healed Lemurian Twin Flame Natural Generator Point with record keepers. Size 90mm x 60mm

2) Lemurian Point with rainbows. 75mm x 30mm

3) Lemurian Point, self healed, with isis formation. Size 80mm x 30mm

4) Tangrose Quartz Point with Record Keepers and Dow Formation. Size 80mm x 30mm

5) Lemurian Self Healed Point with Window Formation. Size 70 x 30mm

6) Lemurian Self Healed Point with Window formation and Rainbows. Size 70mm x 30mm

7) Lemurian Self Healed Point with Manifesting Quartz. Size 90 x 23mm

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