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Large Empty Tumblie Cage on a Thong


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Large Tumble Cage on a thong. This cage will hold Medium to large stones by stretching it over the stone. 

Large Tumble Cage on a length of hong. This cage will hold Medium to large stones by stretching it over the stone. 

Have your tumblestones put into a tumblie cage on a length of thong so that you can wear and absorb the healing properties of the stones each and every day. You can interchange the stones in these tumblie cages or have one for each of your stones. You can wear them as a pendant, tie them to your belt loops on your trousers, hang them from your bag or the ceiling. When you purchase a tumblie cage with a tumble stone, we will pop your crystal into the cage for you. NB: Crystals need to be purchased separately.


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