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House Clearence - Energy Clearance


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The places where we live and where we work can all carry energetic imprints. If energy is not kept fluid in any area it can become stagnant. The way we behave will have an effect on the overall energy of an area. For example if the area has witnessed arguments, trauma, heartache or death, the effect of these can leave behind a negative energy long after the cause has disappeared. If you have ever walked into somewhere and felt uncomfortable, then this could possibly be the reason.

When there has been a death, spirits don’t always move on for whatever reason and they can become frustrated when they fail to communicate with the new residents. They can cause disruption and on occasions move things in attempt to communicate, which can be traumatic and disruptive to the new residents. Often they will reach out to children as they are closer to spirit, and are often more aware of them than adults are which can be traumatic for the child and or adults concerned.

The reason spirits do not move on varies and can be because they don’t even realize that they are dead, or maybe there was a sudden or traumatic death and they are a bit confused as to what has happened to them. They may still feel they have a duty to watch over the remaining family members and in initially staying on the earth plane have lost their way and can no longer find their way into the light. On the odd occasion the heartache of the people / partner / family left behind is so strong that it is keeping them tied to the earth plane.

One such occasion was when I was called to a house as the residents felt uncomfortable there and felt there was spirit activity. One of the bedrooms was particularly cold and the longer I stayed in the room, my chest started to hurt as if I was having an asthma attack. I tuned into an old lady who informed me that she had a terrible chest. She stood in front of me looking very sad and small. I asked her why she was there. She informed me that she lived there and was waiting for her fiance who had gone off to war. She had been waiting for his return since the age of 20. She appeared to be in her late eighties to me. I asked if she would like me to help her go to the light where her fiance could possibly be waiting. She declined. I spoke to my guides and opened up a porthole for the angels of the light to come and collect her if I could get her to change her mind.

A door opened up and through it shone the most amazing light. A stairway then appeared coming downwards and out from the door came a young man in what looked to be an old RAF uniform with a guide. As I watched the old lady which was called Emily by the way, started to get younger, the breathlessness I was feeling began to leave me. By the time the young man reached Emily she was back to the age of 20 and looking quite the picture. Tears ran down her eyes and mine as I felt quite blessed and humbled to be a part of this reunion. I didn’t need to convince Emily to leave and go into the light, her fiance did this for me. He took her hand and they began climbing the stairway. Half way up they turned around and mouthed ‘Thank You’. As I am writing this the tears return as I found it so emotional and still do.

As soon as the door closed behind them the room began to get warm. I thought that the residents must have put the heating on. When speaking to them later they informed me that the heating had been on all the time, but no matter what they did, they could not get that room warm. It was quite toasty when I left.

Energy can also become blocked for different reasons – for example if you have had an extension built and you have blocked up a doorway or a window and where the energy once flowed freely now builds up.

Energy Clearance can be of benefit if you feel uncomfortable in your own home or place of work. If you feel stuck for whatever reason or you are experiencing disruption of any kind. It can be extremely helpful if you are looking for a new start or having problems selling your home. It is a good choice if you are moving into a new home so that you make it your own space and clear any residual negativity.

Each house clearing is different and unique. We will talk to you first to find out what your problems are as it maybe a quick and simple fix for you. If you do need a full house clearing, we will come to you and cleanse your home of negative energy and recharge it with the use of shamanic drumming and crystals. We will advise you of what would be the best crystals to use to keep your home feeling full of love and free of negative energy.

If you are experiencing the effects of negative energy or wish to discuss your situation in more detail please ring us on 01844 281239 / 07821 886467 or use the contact us form.

Prices: £80 per hour plus 45p per mile travelling expenses.

Normally a house clearance can take up to 3 to 3 1/2 hours, but could be less or more depending on the situation.

We take an £80 non refundable deposit.

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