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Galaxite Tumblestone ❤️


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Galaxite, also know as Gayaxyite Tumblestone of between 15 and 30mm. We will send you the largest we have in stock.

Metaphysical Healing Properties and Magical Meanings of Galaxite

Galaxite, also known as Galaxyite is known as the Aura Stone due to it's ability to prevent energy leakages from the aura. It is a micro labradorite that holds a very powerful energy and has the appearance of the galaxy of stars. It balances, protects and cleanses the aura. This is a stone of transformation, intuition and spiritual growth. It is thought to be sent to the earth by the Angels to help heal the planet. If you hold it towards the light, you will see lots of small opalescent inclusions that glitter within the stone.

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