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Distance Shamanic Healing Therapy

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Shamanic Healing Therapy.

This is a 60 minute appointment. During this time you will be put at your ease before the session begins across Zoom

I will shamanic journey on your behalf, to find out what requires healing at this time, then allow the healing to take place. You may already know what area of your life or body is in need of healing, and we can discuss this in the first part of the session

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Why should you have shamanic healing therapy?

  • If you have gone through any kind of emoitonal loss such as a divorce or a bereavement?
  • If you had any kind of life altering event and you feel you are not coping
  • If you are recovering from an ailment and want holisic support
  • If you are feeling unsettled in any way
  • If you have had a paranormal or mystical experience
  • If you feel you are going through a transitional period such as change of job, change of partner
  • You are looking to deepen your spiritual intuition

How your appointment works

  • Book your appointment for a day and time that suits you.
  • You will be given a zoom link to join a meeting at your appointment time.
  • Choose a time when you will not be disturbed or interrupted and ensure your phone is switched to ‘do not disturb’ or on silent during your therapy.
  • You will need to be at home or somewhere where you can relax for the duration of your scheduled appointment time.
  • At the start of your appointment, we will talk about why you want the shamanic healing
  • At the end of your therapy, I will discuss the findings with you and you will have a chance to ask questions if you wish.

How do I book?

Please check my appointments diary here https://calendly.com/gaynormentiply/distance-shamanic-healing or give me a call / WhatsApp me on 07561 414524 to book your appointment.