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Distance Curse Removal

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Shamanic Curse Removal

60 minute treatments: 10 minutes to talk to me at the beginning of the session, 40 minute relaxation time, 10 minutes at the end to discuss my findings.

Not everyone believes in curses, but if you do, and you feel you have been cursed, I will listen.

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Shamanic Curse Removal: Is it for you?

  • Do you feel like your are being blocked?
  • Do you feel you have constant bad luck?
  • Do you feel like bad things keep happening to you?
  • Do you feel like you are failing contstantly?
  • Do you feel down and depressed?
  • Do you have mood swings and irrational anger?
  • Do you experience nightmares?
  • Do you feel as thought someone has put a curse on you?

Curses can come from this lifetime or from a past lifetime. It would be my job to shamanic journey on your behalf to find out if there is actually a curse, to look for when the curse was laid, why it was laid and to remove the binds of the curse that connects it to you. The curse is returned, laying it down at the feet of the person who initially created it.

Curses are not always intentional, although they can be. Sometimes people can lay a curse without even realising they are doing it. It can be created out of spite, out of anger, jealousy or another reason. But they can create havoc and bad energy around the person that is either cursed or feels that they are cursed.

Sometimes people can feel like they have been cursed, when in fact, it is something simple such as an emotional energy blockage from the past in this lifetime or a past lifetime.

(I have included a case study at the end for you to read through, should you wish to do so.)

How your appointment works

  • Book your appointment for a day and time that suits you.
  • You will be given a zoom link to join a meeting at your appointment time.
  • Choose a time when you will not be disturbed or interrupted and ensure your phone is switched to ‘do not disturb’ or on silent during your therapy.
  • You will need to be at home or somewhere where you can relax for the duration of your scheduled appointment time.
  • At the start of your appointment, we will talk about what has happened to lead you to think that you may be cursed. If this is a long explanation that is going to take longer than 10 minutes to explain, please send me an email before the session.
  • During the session, I will leave my zoom active, but turn off my video. should you need to speak to me urgently, you can do so, but it is preferable not to disturb me whilst I am journeying. I can either play some soft music for you, or I can switch off my sound and you can play your own music. I do not need to see you, you can lay down on your bed or sit quietly in a comfortable chair, close your eyes, and have your phone to the side of you. If you drop off to sleep, that’s perfectly OK.
  • During the session, you may experience warmth, or cold, sensations such as pins and needles, see colours, or you may simply relax and have some time out from your day-to-day routines. Your experience will be unique to you.
  • Whilst you are relaxing, I will do a shamanic journey to establish all the information I can about your situation and if I find a curse, will remove it.
  • I will fill protect your aura and full of Reiki energy towards the end of your therapy and set my intent that it will continue to protect you for the following month, to allow you to get used to the more positive energies around you.
  • At the end of the session, I will gently call you back. It’s good to have a glass of water handy at this point to help rehydrate and ground you.
  • At the end of your therapy, I will send you a copy of my notes by WhatsApp, and talk you through my findings.

How do I book?

Please check my appointments diary here https://calendly.com/gaynormentiply/distance-curse-removal or give me a call / WhatsApp me on 07561 414524 to book your appointment.

Case Study

A Couple rang me to tell me that they thought they had a curse on them. They had been trying for a baby for a very long time and nothing was happening. They had been investigated and there was no physical reason why they were not getting pregnant. They felt there must be a curse on them.

They asked if I could check them both individually for curses and remove the curse if necessary. I agreed to do them both, but at separate sessions.

The male did not have a curse, but there were anger issues that had built up negative energies which were removed.

The female did have a curse. During the shamanic journey I was taken back to a time within this lifetime, when she was prepareing for her own wedding. There was an aunty visiting, who had a daughter, who had recently had a miscarriage and had subsequently broken up with her boyfriend. She, herself, was also in a bad space emotionally. She was hurting for her own daughter whilst also helping to prepare for this family wedding. She unintentionally cursed the female through her own emotional pain and jealousy, binding her sacral chakra and having a dramatic effect on her future fertility.

I unravelled the curse, spoke to the higher self of this person who was horrified at what she had done. She accepted the curse back. The female confirmed who the aunty was and said that at that time, she remembered her being in a bad space.

The female went on to become pregnant and had a healthy baby girl born about 18 months later.

Not all curses are as simple to unravel. But I wanted you to realise that our thoughts and actions can have a dramatic effect on others. We all need to be mindful of our thoughts towards others at all times.

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