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Crystal Set for Bereavement, Grief & Emotional Trauma

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12 Crystal healing tumble stones specifically chosen for those going through the trauma of having an emotional loss, emotional heartache or for any other kind of grief. This set comes with 12 tumble stones chosen to help with the common symptoms of the grief, Emotional loss and trauma

The set comes complete in a keepsake pouch wihin in a cellophane packet which also includes a leaflet indicating how to use and care for your crystals.

  • AMETHYST : Helps you come to term with your loss
  • DALMATION JASPER : Lifts the mood, nurtures your body during stress
  • CLEAR QUARTZ : Helps you remember the fond memories of your loved one
  • POPPY JASPER : Provides additional emotional strength and endurance, optimism
  • OPALITE : Connection to your angels
  • ROSE QUARTZ : Encourages recovery from loss.
  • MOOKITE : Helps you cope with the emotional rollercoster, protects and balances emotions
  • AFRICAN JADE: Allows you to deal with your loss in your own time, comforts, supports
  • FLUORITE : Stops constant brain chatter and removes blame or guilt
  • RED JASPER : Helps you recover from emotional trauma
  • APACHE TEAR : Helps you come to terms with grief
  • ANGELITE: Connects to your spirit family

Carry your crystals around with you, make crystal water by placing them around a bottle of spring water for 12 hours or overnight, then drink the water throughout the next day. You may prefer to place them under your pillow at night, either works well.

Caring for your crystals:

Cleanse your crystals approx. once a month under running water, visualizing all the negativity being washed away. Place them on a windowsill to dry and re-energise.

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