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Crystal Lucky Dip Bags in Satin Keepsake Pouch.


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Click on image for full crystal Shop Information. All Crystals are Reiki Cleansed and Blessed in our Oxfordshire Crystal Shop

Allow the crystals to choose you by selecting one of our Lucky Dip Satin Bags. Which crystal do you need right now, allow the crystals to choose you today. You will receive one of the following items inside a lovely Drawstring Satin Keepsake Pouch.


Natural Rose Quartz Chunk

Natural Amethyst Mini Druze

Orange Calcite

Rose Quartz Dragon Egg

Crackeld Quartz Specimen

Clear Quartz Dragon Egg

Honey Calcite

Amethyst Dragon Egg

Green Calcite

Smokey Quarz Dragon Egg


Citrine Points

Clear Quartz

Large Tumble Stones

Red Calcite

Black Tourmaline

Natural Fluorite

Natural Angelite

Collectable Specimen

Blue Calcite

Clear Quartz Cluster

Yellow Calcite


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