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Crystal Gift Set for Money & Abundance

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12 Crystal healing tumble stones specifically chosen and programmed to encourage a steady flow of money in your direction. These crystals will help to create a healthy flow of financial energy.

There are 12 crystal tumblestones to place in your money corner. The set comprises of 12 tumble stones in a pouch. Stones can be taken out of the pouch and placed into the top pocket of your suit or are small enough to go into your pockets.

The set comes complete in a keepsake pouch within in a cellophane packet which also includes a leaflet indicating how to use and care for your crystals.

· EPIDOT: Makes you feel comfortable about accepting money

· DUMORTIERITE: Allows you freedom of speech sell your money-spinning ideas

· CITRINE: Known as the Merchants Stone to attract money towards you.

· CLEAR QUARTZ POINT: Gives you clarity of thought to allow new money making idea's to flow

· NEPHRITE JADE: Attracts financial abundance in high volumes.

· RED JASPER: Gives you the drive and determination to succeed

· BLOODSTONE: Allows money to flow from new idea's and inspiration

· SNOWFLAKE OBSIDIAN: Allows the magic to happen!

· NEW JADE: Brings luck from financial ventures

· SNOW QUARTZ: Connects to your angels who will always help when asked.

· FIRE AGATE: Changes wishes to reality

· CHERRY QUARTZ: Gives you the strength to believe in your own abilities.

Carry your crystals around with you, make crystal water by placing them around a bottle of spring water for 12 hours or overnight, then drink the water throughout the next day. You may prefer to place them under your pillow at night, either works well.

Caring for your crystals:

Cleanse your crystals approx. once a month under running water, visualizing all the negativity being washed away. Place them on a windowsill to dry and re-energise.

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