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Aquamarine Organite Dowsing Pendulum Named Susan


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Aquamarine Organite Dowsing Pendulum in antique copper style. Pendulum measures approx 50mm and will come in a keepsake pouch.

Metaphysical Healing Properties and Magical Meanings of Aquamarine

Aquamarine is a very gentle stone of communication and sensitivity which is connected to the throat chakra. It has a very cooling energy that works well at removing anger from the aura and taking the heat out of arguments and lowering tempers. It is a stone of truth and courage encouraging you to speak your truth in a way that will not offend or hurt others. Aquamarine can enhance your psychic awareness and develop your intuition. It draws out your inner wisdom and can bring clarity to any situation. Carry with you to remove fear and bring courage to face any situation that you may be faced with during every day life

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