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African Jade Tumblestone

African Jade Tumblestone


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African Jade Tumblestone. These are sized between 20 to 30mm and we will send you the largest we have in stock.

Metaphysical Healing Properties and Magical Meanings of African Jade.

African Jade is a lovely green colour and is a great choice for meditation. It is a very calming stone that is thought to bring good luck to the user. This stone is the perfect one to carry if you suffer from any form of inner turmoil. Animals respond well to this stone when placed in or around their bedding. It will improve positivity when used. Keep in your money corner of your home or on your person if you wish to improve your finances. A good choice to keep with you during any kind of travel. This stone is felt to help with relationship issues as it is felt to calm disagreements and bring people together in harmony.

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