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4 x Amazonite Tumble Stone ❤️


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Amazonite tumblestone. The Stone of Balance. place a bowl of amazonite in your living room to dispel negative energy. Stones are between 20mm and 30mm and we will send you the largest we have in stock.

Metaphysical Healing Properties and Magical Meanings of Amazonite

Amazonite is a lovely pale green stone which brings calm and balance. It is a good choice to avoid electromagnetic smog and geopathic stress. This stone can help boost your self-belief and self-esteem. It promotes a non-judgemental attitude to those around you encouraging you to live and let live. Amazonite can bring out your creative streak gently encouraging you to utilize your imagination to the best of your ability. It can help remove negative energy from the aura. A good choice for taking with you on car journeys if you suffer from motion sickness and if you are feeling anxious at any time.

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