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2 Year Advanced Crystal Healing Diploma

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2 year Crystal Healing Online Diploma

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Thank you for showing an interest in the 2 Year Diploma Course in Advanced Crystal Therapy. The developers of this course are both Reiki Master Teachers and are Crystal trained to diploma level. Both have a medical background in nursing giving them a good basic knowledge of the human body in its physical form. Their spiritual training enhances this knowledge allowing them see how the physical body connects to its subtle energy system.

This course has been accredited by the International Practitioners Of Holistic Medicine (IPHM).

The course is divided into 24 distance learning modules

A pass mark of 70% must be achieved for each module.

Each module will give information on various aspects of becoming a crystal therapists as well as covering over 100 crystals.

Throughout the course, students will be encouraged to create their own crystal layouts as well as practice the ones that we provide in the modules and during the workshops. Our aim is to produce autonomous therapists who will be able to recognise their own intuition and to develop their own intuitive skills when working with both clients and crystals. We want all students to blossom into confident therapists with a good understanding of Crystals allowing them to work clearly and safely as a Crystal therapist.

Our vision for the successful student is:

To be competent in the use of crystals

To have a good understanding and knowledge of over 90 crystals

To have received instruction to a high standard

To have grown as a person, nurturing a love of crystals along the way

To have shown the ability to work intuitively and recognise instructions and guidance from their own spirit guides

To have acquired the skills required of them as well as the knowledge to know when they may need to seek additional guidance from another colleague or professional

Happy and has enjoyed their crystal journey leaving always wanting to know more

To have been nurtured an individual, allowing them to become confident in their own ability to be a strong channel for the healing energies

Students will be given information on one crystal per module and will be expected to research a further 4 crystals via the internet, books as well as by meditation, which allow the students to make a personal connection with their crystals and work tools. At the end of each module the student will be expected to answer a series of questions and present your research in your own words. We do not accept work that is simply copied and pasted from the internet.

We have two options for this course, if you pay in full, we will enrol you on the fast track option whereby you can complete the course in less than the 2 years stipulated. All the modules are released at the start of the course and you can take as long as you wish to complete it. If you wish to pay by instalments of £35 per month, the course you will be enrolled on will be drip-fed, whereby the modules are released at monthly intervals. You can still take as long as you like to complete the course, but you cannot do it in less than the 2 years.

You can pay for this course in instalments of 24 monthly payments of £35.

You can also pay by instalments and start immediately when you purchase your course directly from our learning website.

Click here to purchase and pay by instalments

Paying by instalments: you can cancel your course at any time if you decide the course is not for you by giving us 30 days notice in writing. By cancelling your course during the duration of your instalment plan, you will automatically be suspended from the course and will not be allowed to continue with your studies. All monies paid will be lost and no refunds will be given on monies paid. If a monthly payment is missed, you will automatically be denied access to your course until payment is made.

The course is divided into 24 distance learning modules.

Module One

History and Mythology of Crystals

Cleansing, programming, and energising of crystals.

Crystal healing, how does it work?

Crystal communication

Meditation and Self Discipline

Storing Crystals

Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Green Aventurine, Carnelian and Student Choice

Module Two

Mohs Scale of Hardness

Crystal Divas

Aura and Chakra System, Introduction

How to feel and see the aura

Chakra layout

Meditation with Chakra Layout

Clear Quartz, Blue Lace Agate, Red Jasper, Lapis Lazuli, and Student Choice

Module Three

A&P of Skeletal System

Crystal Systems

Energising Layout

Case Study - Chakra Balancing

Amazonite, Citrine, Rutilated Quartz, Pyrite and Student Choice

Module Four

A&P of Internal Organs of the Body


History Taking

Record Keeping

Crystal Grid - Simple Amethyst Grid

Dalmatian Jasper, Snowflake Obsidian, Sodalite, Brown Tiger Eye and Student Choice

Module Five

A & P Part Two

The Human Aura

Interpreting Auric Colours

Removing Stress from the Aura

Crystal Grid, Removing Auric Negative Energy

Aura Scanning

Chiastolite, Turquoise, Kunzite, Fire Agate & Student Choice

Module Six

Energy Systems, The Meridians

Creating a safe space in which to work

Meeting your guides


Crystal Grid, Quartz Energy Grid

Smokey Quartz, Black Tourmaline, Black Onyx, Hematite, Student Choice

Module Seven

The Human Brain

Chakra System - Root Chakra

Toxic Emotions

Free Writing

Crystal Grid, Energy Removal

Mangano Calcite, Bloodstone, Garnet, Poppy Jasper, and Student Choice

Module Eight

A & P of Skin

Chakra System - Soul Star

De-Programming Crystals

Crystal Grid, Star of David

Creating a Sacred Space

Aqua Aura, Infinite, Rhodonite, Amber and Student Choice

Module Nine

Chakra System - Earth Star

Psychic Protection

Psychic Self Protection

Psychic Mugging

Crystal Grid, 12 Crystal Web of Light

Apophyllite, Rhodochrosite, Fluorite, Chrysoprase and Student Choice

Module Ten

Chakra System - Sacral Chara

Silent Witness

Crystals for divination

Medical Conditions - Asthma

Crystal Grid - Figure of Eight

Angel Wing, Orange Calcite, Celestite, Angelite, and Student Choice

Module Eleven

Working with Your Guides

Crystal Anniversaries

Medical Conditions - Anaphylactic Shock

Directing energy with Quartz

Crystal Grid - Use any energy Grid of your choice.

Pietersite. Opalite, Atlantisite, Blue Coral and Student Choice

Module Twelve

Medical Conditions - Epilepsy

Achieving your goals

Crystal Forms and Shapes

Crystal Formations

Crystal Layout - Improving your mind.

Midnight Lemurian Jade, Starstone, Selenite, Iolite, and Student Choice.

Module Thirteen

A & P of Cardiovascular System

Healing Crisis

Wands and How to Use Them

Crystal Formations Part Two

Crystal Layout - healing Crisis

Sugalite, Dumortierite, Lemurian Seed Quartz, Peridot, and Student Choice.

Module Fourteen

A & P Digestive System

The Right to Challenge

Dowsing the Aura

Finding your Sending and Receiving Hand

Medical Conditions - Diabetes

Crystal Layout - Self Love

Watermelon Tourmaline, Pink Opal, Lepidolite, Crazy Lace Agate and Student Choice

Module Fifteen

Chakra System - Solar Plexus

Synchronicity and Angel Messages

Medical Conditions - MI and Heart Attack

Crystal Formations - Part Three

Crystal Grid, Triangle Grid, example 1

Merlinite, Blue Howlite, Blue Opal, Blue Topaz, and Student Choice

Module Sixteen

A & P Respiratory System

Contraindications to Crystal Therapy

Sacred Geometry

Toxic Stones

Crystal Grids, Lemurian Seed

Rainbow Moonstone, Mookite, Apache Tear, Ametrine and Student Choice

Module Seventeen

Chakra System - Past Life Chakra

Corresponding Chakras to ailments

Past Life Awareness

Past Life Debris

Crystal Layout - Past Life

Blue Kyanite, Larimar, Unakite, Seraphinite and

Student Choice

Module Eighteen

Chakra System - Heart Chakra

Energy Hooks and Auric Cords

Removing Objects from the Aura

Animals and Crystals

Crystal Grids, Merkaba Star

Blue Apatite, Blue Aventurine, Boji Stones, Danburite and Student Choice.

Module Nineteen

A & P Reproductive System

Cosmic Ordering

Crystal Astrology

Crystal Skulls

Crystal Grids, Zig Zag

Azeztulite, Moldavite, Tanzanite, Mystic Topaz and Student Choice

Module Twenty

Chakra System, Brow Chakra

Crystal Waters, Elixirs and Aura Sprays

Distance Healing

Healing Diary

Crystal Layout - Distance Therapy

Cavansite, Dioptase, Herkimer Diamon, Aquamarine and Student Choice

Mo ule Twenty One

Chakra System - Crown Chakra

Jumping Crystals

Dealing with Grief

Shamanic Style Removal of Negative Energy

Crystal Layout - Dealing with Grief

Malachite, Moonstone, Lodestone, Prenite and student Choice

Module Twenty Two

Throat Chakra

Crystals for Pain Relief

Comparing high and low energy crystals

Space Clearing

Crystal Layout - Pain Relief

Black Obsidian, New Jade, Chysocolla, Chrysanthemum Stone and Student Choice

Module Twenty Three

Thought Forms

Dealing with an attachment

High Energy Crystals

Colour Healing

Crystal Grid, Psychic Attack

Sunstone, Pink Tourmaline, Red Tiger Eye, Tourmaline Quartz, and Student Choice

Module Twenty Four

Creating your own layouts

Running a practice, accounts, vat and Insurance

Past Life Regression

Representational Systems of Intuition

Crystal Grid, Your own design

Emerald, White Howlite, Sardonyx, Yellow Jasper, and Student Choice.

This course has been accredited by the IPHM and insurance is available through them on completion of the course

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