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About Gaynor Mentiply

Spiritual Healer : Crystal Therapist : Reiki Master / Teacher : Hypnotherapist

Aromatherapist : Clairvoyant Medium

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I was brought up in the spiritual world and words like spirit guides and healing were a natural part of my childhood vocabulary. I can remember various people telling me that I had healing hands from a very young age and wishing I could see 'ghosts' as I called them in those days.

At around the age of 13 I decided I wanted a career in Nursing and when I was 18 began a three year training course in my chosen vocation. During my training, I can remember a young boy who had been in a motor bike accident and was very badly injured. It was my job when I was on duty to sit with him and massage his hand in the hope it would keep the circulation going enough so he would not lose his hand. I tried so desperately to heal his hand but it was to no avail and he ended up having it amputated. I felt such a failure and decided that everyone was wrong and I obviously did not have healing hands. I also put to bed any idea's of being psychic and seeing 'ghosts' as I used to call spirit.

In reality, I was right in the fact that I did and still don't have healing hands, as it is not me that does the healing, I now know that I am only a channel for the divine energy to pass through.

As a very young girl I can remember seeing a man standing in the doorway of my bedroom one night. I told my mother and she told me I was imagining it and that it must have been my father. But I could hear my mum and dad talking downstairs, the man was definitely not my father. I was always afraid of being alone in the house and afraid of the noises I could hear, but could not see why or what they were. Following the death of my grandmother at the age of 13 I began to smell flowers around the home. I would follow the smell like the kids on the 'Bistow' adverts on the telly. The strange thing was that although my mother had discouraged the fact I could see spirit at an early age, she loved me now telling her that my grandmother had been to visit. So much so she began asking me if she had been to visit and in a way found it comforting instead of being afraid of it. I was not the only one to smell the flowery smell as on occasions my guest would comment on it, but then my grandmother was always a very social person so why wouldn't she visit when the rest of her family were gathered.

Following my training as a Nurse, I went to on train as a Midwife, it was one night on a night shift that my first adult experience came of seeing spirit in the physical sense or a 'ghost' as I called it as a child. At the time I did not realize what I was seeing. It was around 9.15pm when I was doing the rounds on an ante natal ward. I went into a side ward to look for a particular piece of equipment, there was a woman in the bed which was not unusual and as I was in a rush I just acknowledged her as I walked around the bed, picked up the piece of equipment I needed and said I would be back shortly to see her. She just smiled at me and I didn't give it a second thought. At least I didn't give it a second thought until I walked back into the room to go and see her again and she was not there. The bed was completely made up ready and waiting for the next patient. I stood there bemused. My colleague laughed at the look on my face and said 'what is the matter with you, you have gone white, have you seen a ghost or something?'. My mother always said to me that many a true word is said in jest.

Of course I tried to make sense of this and accused her of moving beds around without my knowledge. This ruffled her feathers a bit as she would not have moved anyone around in reality without me requesting it. I told her what I had seen and she tried to say I was mistaken, that I was tired, I was pregnant, she came out with endless excuses, but I could describe her in such detail, however, there were some oddities when I tried to make sense of it. She did not speak to me at all, there was no jug and glass on the bedside locker, there was no clothing or clutter in the room that most patients have in hospital with them. I felt I was going mad.

Word of my sighting had spread around the unit and an older colleague eventually came to my rescue. Without even talking to me she could tell me what I saw, what time I saw her and describe her in as much detail as I had. It seemed that she had seen her the previous week at the exact same time. Following that incident more events followed, I would hear noises of someone being sick and not be able to find them, I would hear voices and not know where they were coming from, I would smell flowers where there was none around, I would feel a draft when no windows or doors were open, my belongings would be moved or taken from me only to be returned at a later date, windows and doors would open overnight when previously they had been too stiff to open. The list just goes on and on.

For a while longer I ignored my psychic abilities and just put all the above events down to spooky happenings and thought of them as good dinner conversation. I began writing poetry and put together my first website called Poetry 'n' rhyme, I strongly believe that poetry is a wonderful form of healing.

My best mate's mother who always seemed to be there, was a spiritual healer and I would have her read the cards for me almost daily, sometimes five or six times in a row. She would often tell me that I would shuffle the spots off the cards one day, to which I used to laugh. I asked her to teach me the cards, and she did try, but it did not appear to come naturally to me at that time and I found it hard work trying to remember them all. I grew up with a pack of tarot cards never far from me. I had to hide them at home as my mother thought they were evil and felt the cards held the energy.

For me, now, the tarot cards are just cards. I respect them as they are the tools of my trade but they are just cards. I tried and tried to learn to read them but when you try to learn the cards from a book, you are having that persons particular interpretation of that particular card. If you try to put that card within a spread you then have to learn what that card meant in that particular position. So if you try to learn all the cards in every possible position in every possible combination it becomes mind boggling. I even wrote my own book in 1999 to try and get my head around it but not having a brilliant memory was giving me major issues trying to remember all the things I felt I needed to remember.

It wasn't until my children were almost grown up and a very special person passed on that my spiritual path really began. I feel that events leading up to this particular time of my life were all just preparation for what was to come. In 1999 I began looking for answers to some very strange happenings. I needed to make sense of various events. There is a saying that when the pupil is ready the teacher will come. I was very lucky that a particular person was guided to me and provided me a lot of answers to my very many questions. Although what I was looking for was to become a crystal healer, she suggested that I would also make a great Spiritual Healer. I had never thought of this as felt I was not really psychic and as said earlier I did not have healing hands either, so how could I possibly be a Spiritual Healer. However, she convinced me to give it a go. I began my training in both spiritual healing and crystal healing and from that day on I have not looked back. I have been a fully qualified and insured Spiritual Healer since the late 90s and have since qualified as a Reiki Master and crystal therapist which allows me to now share my knowledge with others. I provide Reiki courses in Thame which is in Oxfordshire, close to the surrounding area's of Milton Keynes,  Leighton Buzzard, Thame, High Wycombe has people visit from as far away as Watford and the London Area. .

As a spiritual healer and crystal therapist, I had to undergo quite an arduous training with many months spent developing my understanding of the healing energies and getting to know my spirit guides and crystals. I had to keep a journal of my spiritual journey and my experiences during many hours of meditation and healing sessions which made for some very interesting reading.

Over the years I had gathered quite a collection of Tarot cards but could never find one particular set that I felt easy to learn. Eventually, I did learn what the cards traditionally meant but the next big step was putting them all together to be able to do a reading as I felt this was the direction I wanted to go. I then took another two tarot courses. Not because I wanted to learn the cards, but because I wanted to learn how to put them all together to do a reading. It didn't really help. I had bought books upon books on the subject which just confused things even more. Then one day when wandering the shops in Yorkshire during a weekend away I bought yet another book. I began reading it on the way home in the car. The first chapter said that the best advise the book could give would be to read the first chapter then put it away and not to bother to read any more books. I was a bit alarmed but it made sense as the book told me to stop reading other peoples interpretations of the cards and to link with my own guides who would provide me in what the cards mean or me.

It was like turning on a light switch, the cards began talking to me, the pictures began moving about and I would see other pictures appearing within the cards which I had previously not seen. It was amazing. But I still had the problem of putting it all together. I went and had reading after reading with other people trying to see how they did it - not a good idea, at least not for me as I couldn't work out how they did it. In the end, I sat down in my therapy room exasperated, closed my eyes and asked for help. Well, there is never a truer saying "You only have to ask". I laid the cards on the table as my guides were showing me in my head and began. I then asked my husband to come and sit with me whilst I gave him a practice reading. I don't know where the information came from but it just began to flow as if it was the most natural thing in the world. The rest is history.

I have had the most amazing experiences and feel very privileged to have been shown some of the things that I cannot even begin to explain. I have been so lucky to meet the right people at the right time who have nurtured and helped me develop into the High-Level Psychic Medium I am today. As the years have gone on, it seemed a natural progression to want to share my knowledge and love of crystals with others which has brought us up to date and the Spirit Walker Website.

Spirit Walker first began with me purchasing one wholesale order and trying to sell it on ebay, my own website, from my small therapy room and at local shows and events. I did this alongside Midwifery as a kind of a hobby but had set my intent that one day, I would work as a therapist and own my own crystal company. I worked long hours combining the two roles and in the end, it began to show in my health. I kept developing illness after illness that would give me long periods of time off work. Of course this was not intentional, however, the final straw came when on Christmas morning 2007 I was taken quite ill and was rushed into hospital two days later, with a suspected heart attack. It was not a heart attack, but pneumonia in addition to bi-lateral frozen shoulders and a disc protrusion in my neck. I was in a bit of mess health wise to say the least. After six months I decided that I was tired of playing 'ill' and thought it was now time to make the change and do 'health'. Eventually, I resigned from Midwifery and took the leap of faith to concentrate my efforts on what I loved most - 'Spirit Walker'.

A little over four years on (2012), we opened a shop with a large teaching and therapy rooms that spread across two floors. We had a dedicated group of people who made up the Spirit Walker Team. I can honestly say, I loved every minute and every part of my job, although I don't actually see my work as a job. I still work long hours and my husband thinks I am back to front. Most people tend to work 9am - 5pm, I frequently work 5am - 9pm and am always being told to slow down and take time out.

I was the area representative for the Reiki Federation UK in Oxfordshire for a short time but after just a year found that I could not give the job the attention it deserved and so resigned from the role and am now just a registered Reiki Master Teacher but still welcome enquiries about Reiki and the Reiki Federation UK. I now teach a 2 year diploma course in Crystal Healing at Spirit Walker. I also teach digital online home study courses in Crystal Healing and Reiki which can be done over a period of time as single modules.

Sometimes I wonder how it all fits into one 24 hour period and have to on occasions had to book my time off in well in advance ;-)

I feel blessed to be able to work with the most amazing spirit guides who work very closely with me in all aspects of my work. The more you work with your guides, the stronger the connection appears to become.

In January 2018 we closed the shop and healing centre. The reasons were that the overheads were very expensive, plus there was a lot of damp in the building which was making both myself and my team ill. After I found out that I had an allergy to the mold spores from the damp, I finally decided to pull the plug as I felt our health was more important. We are now committed to the online website.

In January 2020 I found that I rekindled my intereste in essential oils. I had been using essentil oils wihtin our aura sprays for many years but did very little else with them. Now my life has changed completely in regards to the oils after finding doTERRA. I started using the oils and very quickly became aware of the health benefits of using these high quality CPTG oils. I am now a wellness advocate for doTERRA and they are now included on our website.


A special person shared this analogy with me and I would now like to share it with you.

Life is like a bus journey. The people on the bus are the people in your life right now. Sometimes people get on your bus, stay for a while and enjoy the journey with you, whilst others may only stay for one or two stops before getting off again to catch another bus. There may be times you feel like pressing the emergency bell and getting off your own bus, leaving all the people behind and wait at the bus stop for another bus. Some of us may actually do just that. The new bus will be filled with a new group of people, some who continue along your journey with you for a while, whilst others may get off at the next stop. You may stay on this new bus or even stop once in a while, get off and return to the first bus. Or people from your old bus may join your journey on your new bus for a stop or two. There may be people on your bus who you love to be close too and others you wish would get off at the next stop. But each has a reason for being on your bus. Whatever bus you are on, enjoy the journey with those who are on it with you today. Welcome to my bus ride and please enjoy the time you spend with me.

Every day brings a new adventure