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Over the years I have had many testimonials, either by text, email and always read them but do not always have time to put them on here. I always feel very touched and grateful to receive any feedback and would like to thank all those who take the time to contact me after their reading. These are just a few from the past few months. Personal content has been removed before placing the comments below.

5-11-21 (Emma)

Many thanks. It makes a lot of sense to me. During the last year …….. so it makes perfect sense that this theme comes up in your reading.

27-10-21 (Abigail)

Thank you so much for this. ……. So it all makes sense.

24-10-21 (Eliza)

Thank you so much for an amazing and on point reading. it was fabulous and I loved every second of it.

17-10-21 (India)

Hey BTW, you were right, I am Pregnant! Thank you so much for your reading which was so accurate.

11-10-21 (Vicki)

Thank you so much for my reading, I have referred 3 of my friends to you already!

10-10-21 (Rachael)

Lovely to meet you and many thanks for my reading. I really enjoyed it!

3-10-21 (Cindy)

It was a pleasure to meet you. Thank you again for my very helpful reading today.

2-10-21 (Bridget)

Thank you for my reading, I really enjoyed my session with you today. Xx

23-9-21 (Stephanie)

Hello Gaynor, Sorry it’s late but I was just re-listening to a reading you did for me back in June and it’s so spot on I just wanted to say thank you. At the time, there were so many things that did not make sense to me then, but now they’re crystal clear. After our reading I did what we discussed and cosmically ordered a man. I met a guy the same week and we have been together since, and it’s only now that I’m really thinking this is the guy for me. You were also talking of my ex being spiteful towards meand he’s doing exactly that at the moment, really trying to drag me through hell. But I’ve got my boyfriend who has been a rock through it, the timings were accurate as well. I just re-read my cosmic order and it’s exactly what I got! Again, sorry it’s so late but I really wanted to say thank you for the recording because I can fully understand it now.

5-9-21 (Marc)

I hope you are well. I am not sure if you remember me, but I had a reading from you back in August. It was an amazing reading and I have only just had the chance to listen to it.

20-8-21 (Julie)

Thank you so much for my reading today, I can’t thank you enough for bringing my lovely mother through today. It meant such a lot to me. Xx

9-8-21 (Veronica)

It was lovely to listen back to the recording as you always think you have remembered everything, but listening to the recording makes you realise that you do forget some things. Take care x

25-7-21 (Michelle)

Hi Gaynor, was lovely to meet you today and thank you so much for your reading and advice, it has really helped me. X